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Natural foods sources of protein, fiber, vitamins energetic

Natural foods source of protein, fiber, vitamins and fully energetic | natural protein for a daily workout. Sprouts i.e. sprouted grains or bean sprouts are the powerhouses of protein, nutrition, and fiber. Instead of eating grains directly by sprouting them, their nutrition and benefits increase manifold. The nutrients in grain are also absorbed into the body well by eating sprouts.

Natural food souce of protien, fiber, vitamins and fully energetic
natural protein food
Natural foods are a good source of proteins, fiber, vitamins. The phytic acid present in plant seeds prevents the minerals present in it such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron from being absorbed into the body. 

At the same time, if the grains are taken as sprouts, then the amount of this acid is reduced. 

Cereals and legumes provide more nutrition after germination. The quality of minerals and nutrients present in them increases with the number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, proteins, etc.

It is recommended that all types of grains and sprouts should be included in the diet.

Moong dal also contains a good amount of protein, fiber, and vitamins A and C. Alfalfa (Rijeka) sprouts contain vitamins A, B, E, C, and K. Let us know how many types of sprouts are full of nutrition.

Like lentil sprouts have a lot of protein. Brussels sprouts contain high amounts of protein, the fiber in addition to vitamin A and vitamin C.

Natural food souce of protien, fiber, vitamins and fully energetic

Some of the Natural foods:-

Black gram sprouts

If you eat black gram after sprouting, it does not contain cholesterol. These are good sources of vitamin B6. 

Fibers present in it reduce the risk of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and cancer. It contains thiamine, which is responsible for the correct production of hormones and neurotransmitters.

It is also a good source of iron, copper, phosphorus, and manganese. It removes complaints of anemia and also reduces the risk of osteoporosis of bones.

Mangu Dal Sprouts

Moong dal sprouts are good sources of fiber, iron, vitamin C, K and B. These reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. These are also good snacks to eat all day long. Mango dal sprouts can be eaten by mixing various salads and vegetables. 

Delicious salad can be prepared by mixing cucumber, tomato, mint, lemon, onion, moong dal sprouts. In this way, a dish full of protein, folate, vitamin C and good calories is also prepared.

Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts contain plenty of potassium and calcium. It is good for the health of muscles and bones. Alfalfa is a good source of phytoestrogens.

Reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. The saponins present in it strengthen the immunity system with the lowering of harmful cholesterol (LDL).

Natural food souce of protien, fiber, vitamins and fully energetic

Wheat Sprouts

Vitamins A, C, B and E increase during germination of wheat. Germination activates the enzymes present in it and also increases nutrition. On the other hand, due to germination, protein content increases and calories also decrease.


Fenugreek sprouts

The seeds of fenugreek seeds are rich in medicinal property. Along with controlling diabetes, they also control weight. 

With this, the problem of hair fall, dandruff and skin are also improved. It is a good source of antioxidants and fibers. They also help in fighting the troubles after menopause.

Brussels Sprouts 

Brussels, which look like cabbage, control high blood sugar due to high antioxidants that are rich in vitamin K, ALL Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C and fiber.

Do not keep for more than 4 days. Sprouts contain bacteria and live enzymes. Therefore, there is a lot of possibility of them getting spoiled. Eating bad, stale sprouts can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, fever. So take care not to keep Spritus for more than 4 days. They should be kept at a temperature of 4 degrees or less. Organic food should be used for sprouts.

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