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Heart attack symptoms || precaution to take in heart problem

Heart attack symptoms || precaution to take in heart problem. If a heart attack has occurred once and you have taken medical benefits, then it is necessary to take care of the diet. Smoking should be stopped immediately. We are telling you what kind of nutritious diet you can take.

Heart attack symptoms || precaution to take in heart problem
Heart attack symptoms

A silent heart attack accounts for 25 percent of all heart attack cases. The patient may die in this. The patient does not even know when he is attacked in a silent heart. 

The symptoms of heart attack are not visible, the patient ignores the symptoms or cannot understand them, due to the silent heart attack.

Silent attacks are more deadly. Therefore it is very important to know all the symptoms of a Heart attack.

 This is why there is an attack

All the organs of our body need oxygen to function. This oxygen reaches all parts of the body through blood. And the heart works to carry this blood to every organ. 

When the arteries coming to the heart and going from the heart get blocked due to cholesterol and fat, blood circulation is interrupted. In such a situation, the heart has to draw extra blood and supply blood

When the right amount of oxygen does not reach the heart, the condition of the heart attack is created. Our heart is made of very sensitive fibers

If oxygen does not reach any part of the heart for a few seconds, then the tissues of that part die. In that case, that part of the heart stops working and the patient dies due to the attack. 

Even if oxygen supply starts after some time, there are more chances of a heart attack.

In such a situation, there is severe pain in the chest patient's and he loses his balance. Due to lack of oxygen to the heart: thickening of the blood, insufficient blood in the body, plaque formation in the arteries, blockage, etc.

precaution to take in heart problem
healthy heart

Signs of Cholesterol Increase:

If you feel chest pain, restlessness or your heart starts beating very hard, these can be signs of increased cholesterol. 

The heart and brain are the most prone to its increase. Eat oats: Take oats in the morning breakfast and evening snacks

The soluble fiber found in it reduces the level of bad cholesterol. It also does not let you gain weight. 

Cleans the arteries of garlic According to National Cardiological Research, consuming garlic daily makes the heart's arteries clean. 

The chances of an attack are greatly reduced. It reduces the level of both blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

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Kiwi benefits:--

But it is very beneficial for the heart. This cleans the block deposited in the arteries. 

It removes dirt from the body, liver, kidney. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, and pistachios: These also help in cleaning the arteries. Body beds reduce cholesterol. 


It contains phytochemicals. Antioxidant pomegranate juice increases the production of nitric oxide in the body, which helps to keep the arteries open and the blood flowing properly.

Important Routine Tasks--

- Control blood pressure, cholesterol levels, do not let weight gain 

 - Get regular checkups done 

- Exercise regularly 

- Eat a heart healthy diet 

- If you have diabetes, keep it under control. 

- Do not stay tense as well as do not smoke at all.

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