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Homemade beauty tips for whole body care

Homemade beauty tips for whole body care are care of some important body parts which can be cared for or cured by Olive oil. In this Page, we will provide some of the beneficial use of Olive oil which can be very helpful in taking care of some important body's part in your regular use. 

Homemade beauty tips for whole body care
beauty tips

1. Makeup Remover --

The fats in olive oil remove mascara and liner easily, while it can be difficult to remove with a simple clanger. 

Using olive oil also does not cause skin dryness. Water-based foam can also be used for deep cleaning.


2. Head-to-toe moisturizer --

Olive oil can be applied to the bump skin after bathing. You can apply it from face to feet. After applying it the skin will feel quite plump. Will also remain hydrated till late.

Homemade beauty tips for whole body care
Olive oil

3. For frizz-free hair -

Dry hair soaks and leaves the water very easily. This means that every hair becomes dry immediately after getting wet. 

It is also called 'Hydral Fatigue', which causes split ends and breaks of hair.

Olive oil is thick and also beneficial for hair. This removes the fridge. Applying it to the hair ends after shampoo also acts as a post-shampoo syrup.


4. Lip-scrub-lip balms -

It can be removed very easily. In such a situation, when you do not have them, olive oil can be used. It not only hydrates the lips but also makes them soft.  

It is also very effective on cut and cracked lips. Before applying makeup, mix olive oil with sugar and use it as a lip scrub.

5. Dry hands make soft -

Applying olive oil on dry hands makes skin soft and protects against sun damage. Wrinkles are quicker than other body parts. Therefore it is extremely important to moisturize them. Olive oil protects the skin from aging.

6. For body shaving --

You can use olive oil instead of traditional shaving cream or gel. It hydrates the skin during shaving. The skin glides on very easily, eliminating the risk of biting. It should not be used for face shaving.

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