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Demerits for skinny persons

Demerits for skinny persons. People usually keep the fact that 'obesity is the root of diseases' in their mind and due to this, they ignore other things. But the truth is that obesity is not the only root of diseases. Skinny people can also have many lifestyle-related diseases.

Demerits for skinny persons
demerits for skinny people

Demerits for skinny personsIndeed, people with average weight become careless about their health due to the belief that lean people have fewer illnesses

It is important to understand here that there can be many negative reasons for being thin. 

People who eat unhealthy food and do not do physical exercises also look slim and healthy from above. 

Eating disorder, smoking addiction, etc. can also be the reason for lean. Here we are giving four reasons or Demerits for skinny persons why even thin people should be concerned about health.

Fear of diabetes:--

If you take care of food, it is possible that you do not gain much weight. Eating more fast food instead of healthy food does not provide nutrition to the body. 

Many such people remain slim. But if weight is normal due to this, then there may be a risk of diabetes in such poor people.

Such people feel that due to the suppression is healthy, they also ignore the general health checkup, which increases their health problem.


 Cholesterol Risk:--


It is true that there is a possibility of high cholesterol (LDL) in obese people, but even in lean people, cholesterol levels can be high. 

Some cases of high cholesterol remain associated with the family, meaning it can also be genetic. 

In such a situation, it does not matter that you are thin. So take care of your food and keep checking the lipid profile from time to time.

Weak Immunity:--

Immunity is not determined by weight. The stronger the immunity system, the more easily it will be able to fight against diseases. 

The strong immune system also helps in fighting infection.
If a lean person does not take a healthy diet, it can also affect his immunity.

Lack of blood:--

If you are too thin, your body is constantly tired, the heartbeat is abnormal, restlessness, breathlessness occurs, then you may suffer from anemia. 

Anemia occurs due to a lack of nutritional food in the body besides iron, vitamin B12. 

Therefore, such slim people do not need to be very happy but need to take special care of hemoglobin levels and diet.

Demerits for skinny persons
regular work on the body

Body fat is also necessary, but in the limit

Due to fat, estrogen hormone is produced in the body. It is important to have a balanced amount of estrogen for bones. Therefore, it is not right to stop all kinds of fat or oily things.

 Add good fat to your diet. Olive oil, sesame oil, nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.), flaxseed. Peanut butter, fish (salmon, tuna) etc. are good sources of good fat. Yes, definitely try deep fried things.

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