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Face beauty by bleaching || Facial bleaching whole process

Skin aging tends to decrease with aging. In such a situation, we try to maintain our attraction with many types of beauty treatment. skin whitening facial treatment works to improve the skin tone of the face.
face beauty by bleaching || facial bleach whole process
facial bleaching

Skin whitening facial treatment by Bleaching is fine or best facial for whitening to get the lost skin attraction. Due to the hot air of winter or the scorching heat of summer, the skin color deteriorates due to their side effects. 

Where the bleaching brightens the skin, scorched in the sun, or buried by dry air, there is also protection from heavy weeping on the face. Waxing or threading is generally recommended to remove unnecessary follicles of the face.

Often, women self-bleach themselves in the house and damage the skin. If you are getting bleached for the first time, get it done in a beauty parlor. 

Bleaching is best facial for whitening because the different solution is made for each person according to his skin and the proportion of powder and ammonia in it also varies.

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There are two types of bleaching:-

1. Cream bleach: It should be used for the face. 

2. Powder bleach: It is mainly used for hands and feet.

Choose bleach to suit your skin --

If your skin is more sensitive then Lacto bleaching is right for you. Because lacto bleaching is not very hard. Oxy bleaching is also good for all skin types. 

If your color is clean then choose Sepharon Bleach and the color is darker then choose Pearl Bleach. If you want to bleach for a special occasion, then gold bleach will be best.

face beauty by bleaching || facial bleach whole process
facial bleaching

Bleach recipe -

To make a bleaching solution, put one teaspoon of bleaching powder in a cup or glass bowl, add half a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, and two to four drops of ammonia and mix it well with a brush or cotton swab.

Close the vial lid immediately after adding hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Benefits of bleaching --

The skin of the face becomes loose and wrinkled by waxing. 
By removing fine weeds by threading, their roots gradually begin to harden. Therefore, bleaching is the best solution or best facial for whitening to avoid this problem. 

Many times the skin color does not feel clear due to the fine face on the face. While bleaching enhances the skin, in turn, hide too.

Bleaching method:--

1. First, test the bleach by applying it behind the ear.

 2. Now clean the face with cleansing milk, apply bleach solution first on the spots where there are spots. Apply on the cheeks at the end.

3. Wash the face after 10 minutes, if the bleaching does not stop, wash the face and pat it on the face with ice in a cloth.

 4. Five minutes after applying the bleach pack, see if there is a burning sensation. Leave the pack for about ten minutes and then wash it with water.

 5. After bleaching, wipe the skin and massage gently on the face and neck with cold cream. Afterward, apply astringent lotion. This reduces skin irritation.

6. After cleansing the solution several times, small red grains appear on the skin. Do not panic in such a situation. After a while, the rash becomes clear on its own.

face beauty by bleaching || facial bleach whole process
facial bleaching

Precautions during the bleaching process -

1. Apply bleach only after testing. One drop of ammonia can be added more or less.

2. If there is a burning sensation, wash your face with cold water and keep it in a snow cloth and pat the face.

3. Threading should not be bleached after waxing or steaming.

4. Bleaching should not be done on cracked skin.

5. If you are bleaching, do less hair but not more hair.

6. In facial bleach whole process, Do not bleach on very dry skin or before the age of 35 years.

 7. Deep cleansing of the face before bleaching. First, wipe the face with wet cotton and wipe all the makeup.

 8. Bleach the face as well as the neck. Otherwise, the beauty of the face is affected by the color difference between the neck and the facial skin.

 9. Do not apply the bleach solution to the eyes and eyelids. During bleach, keep the water soaked in rose water so that there is a possibility of the solution flowing into the eyes. 

Take special care that if there are pimples on the face, do not bleach.

10. Saffron, Gold, Pearl, different types of bleaching are available in today's market. Some companies have also brought a new ammonia-free cream to the market. 

When using it neither smells strong nor tears come out of the eyes. If you want to know how to make domestic bleach, you can do it in an herbal way.

Demerits of Bleaching--

1. Bleaching causes skin hair to turn brown. The skin spots become lighter by this. But Are not clean at all.

2. Bleaching reduces the smoothness of the skin.

3. The wrong solution can cause skin damage and allergy.

4. Accidents of face scorching or scarring are often seen due to the preparation of slurry in the wrong proportion.

Options other than bleaching -

1. Waxing:

This is the method by which hair is removed from the root.

2. Electrolysis:

Hair roots are destroyed by electricity. This is the only way that is permanent.

3. Pumice stone:

It is a rough stone from which hair can be removed, this makes hair less than before. And come soft. The disadvantage of this is that the hair gets shorter gradually: hence it takes too much time.

This method should be used along with other methods. It should not be used on delicate parts of the body, such as the face, stomach, throat, etc.

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