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How to choose right mascara for eyes

How to choose the right color mascara. Eye makeup like eyeliner, using right color mascara changes the look of your entire face. In the last few years, new types of products have changed the way of makeup. Colored mascara is one such product. The proper use of these can make you look more attractive.

How to choose right mascara for eyes
eyes mascara

In the past, Mascara used to come only in black shades. Many other shades of mascara such as blue, purple or golden are also available these days. 

How to choose the right color mascaraIf you use them according to your skin color and eyes, then the face will be attractive. Mascara is mostly applied only after applying concealer, foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner. 

Make sure not to spoil the makeup. Applying mascara makes the eyes look big and attractive. Without it, the makeup of the eyes looks incomplete. 

How do I choose the right color mascara?

Know how the use of colored mascara will change your look and your face will look more attractive according to your face shape and the event in which you are going for. It is very necessary to choose the right color of mascara before going for an event because it can affect your appearance and your style.

Green Mascara

If you have dark brown eyes, green mascara looks beautiful. It looks good on all skin tone skin just like the blue mascara. 

Green mascara is more common if eyeshadow or eyeliner is not used with green mascara.

Blue mascara

If the eye color is brown or light green. If you have a blue mascara you should have it. Blue also has many shades such as Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Sea Blue, etc. available. 

All these sheds bloom a lot. These shades look more beautiful when used during the day rather than at night.

Golden mascara

Golden Mascara looks different if you want to look different in the evening party. It should be avoided during the day. 

At night party it looks beautiful on every kind of shed eyes and every kind of skin color.

Purple mascara

Purple shade works very well if you have small eyes and want to enlarge your eyes. 

It fades on all types of eyes, brown or blue. Royal Purple, Plum and Violet Shed are prevalent in Purple Mascara. 

If you have darker skin, then you should choose purple shade and if you have fair skin then you should choose mascara of Violet shade.

Brown mascara

So far, you have only applied black mascara, then you may be hesitant to apply another color. For this, one should start with brown mascara. 

It is slightly lighter than black, so to choose the right color mascara, it looks natural. Apart from party function, it can be applied daily. If your eye color is brown, then you must use this shade.

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