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How much gap should be maintain in between pregnancies

How much gap should be maintained between pregnanciesIf you have become the mother of one child and are planning for another pregnancy, then make a difference of three years or more in both. Recent research suggests that a mother's risk of anemia increases significantly when she is spaced more than three years between two children. In such cases, 62% of women are caught in anemia.

gap in pregnancy
gap in pregnancy

How much gap should be maintained between pregnancies? Giving birth to a child is the most important and emotional moment in every woman's life. 

She embraces her existence by holding the child within herself and bringing it into the world. It is also said that a woman is complete only when she becomes a mother. 

But if some precautions are not taken in this bliss of becoming a mother, this experience can be one of the most bitter experiences in life.

How much gap:--

According to Doctors, who has done research in collaboration with the Hall Center for Advocacy and Research (Seafour), women can avoid many diseases by keeping a difference of more than three years in childbirth

Anemia is the most important of these. Especially among young couples, there is no awareness of the difference between children and delay in pregnancy as it should be. 

So it is very important for them to know that at whatever age you have done the first child, for the second you must keep a gap of at least three years. 

By not doing so, where women reach a high-risk pregnancy, there is every possibility of children being malnourished. With this one decision, you can be happy while avoiding many diseases.

Fatal for mother and baby:--

The research revealed that infant mortality (IMR) in children born at intervals of less than two years is 91 per 1000 thousand live births. That is, 91 out of 1000 born children can die, if only two children have a gap of up to two years.

How much gap should be maintain in between pregnancies
gap in pregnancy

Pregnancy age should be:--

Mothers not made at a less or older age. Research also shows that too young or too old to be a mother is not good. 

Becoming a mother under the age of 18 is dangerous for both the infant and the mother while conceiving at the age of 40 also has its own problems and disadvantages. 

In fact, at a young age, the mother's body is not so mature that she can give birth to an infant with full health, whereas in the older age 
there is such a change of hormones in women that the possibility of going from pregnancy to many diseases increases.

Take the decision carefully--

Getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby is not a game. Therefore, think deeply about it, whether male or female.

How much gap should be maintained between pregnancies? According to Doctors of coordinator of the Center of Excellence, husband, and wife need to be self-aware of what changes are happening in their bodies. 

What is required of them and what is not. Only then will they be able to take the right decision, because they have to play the important role of being a mother and father.

Why only two kids are good?

An ideal couple no longer thinks of more than two children. Even now there is a trade of only one child. But a healthy family should have two children so that they have a relationship. 

Forcedness and affection can lead to diarrhea. According to the National Family Health Survey-4, about 57 percent of the women in our country and the same number of men believe. 

That an ideal family should have two children.

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