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How to prevent heart attack patient first step

How to prevent heart attack patient's first step. Heart attack symptoms may vary from person to person. Chest tightness, pulse weakness, rapid breathing, dizziness, and sweating. Feeling pain in the jaw, shoulder, arms, back, and abdomen as well. Know what immediate first aid should be given to the patient:

How to prevent heart attack patient first step
CPR to heart attack patient

first stepAccording to a report by WHO, India ranks first in heart attack deaths worldwide. Understand this, 23% of our deaths are due to heart attack.

There are two main reasons:--

- First, the patient does not get the right treatment on time.

- Secondly, the general public is still not familiar with the symptoms of heart attack, people do not even know how the primary treatment should be taken in such a situation. 

You should also be aware of giving Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). This much time is enough to get the patient admitted to the hospital and start treatment on time.

Measures before going to the hospital. (How to prevent heart attack patient) --

-  Try to keep the person calm. Loosen his clothes.

-  Continue breathing by pumping the chest until the ambulance arrives or the patient is admitted to the emergency call.

Aspirin gives momentary relief:---

The doctor must have given the sucking pill under the tongue, take the same. Do not take any other medicine at all. If you do not have any medicine, a pill of aspirin is effective. 

Approximately 300 mg of aspirin can reduce mortality by 15–20 percent if chewed during a heart attack. It prevents blood clots from forming.

What to do when facing this problem  --

- Those who understand the signs of attack should immediately call for immediate medical treatment or get them admitted to the nearest hospital.

- If you feel that you are having a seizure and the doctor has already asked to take nitroglycerin, then take the same.

 -If there is no alternative, then drive yourself to the hospital, otherwise, your condition may get worse.

- If you are alone and feel more chest or heart pain or you are in a state of unconsciousness then start coughing loudly. This causes artifacts.

- If the victim becomes unconscious, perform CPR. Place your palm below the breast bone on the left side of the patient's chest and pump the second palm pressure (about 100 per minute). 

-How to prevent heart attack patient's first stepKeep in mind, the patient's chest should be pressed only from one and a half to two inches. With this, close the nose of the patient and give breath through your mouth. This will restore the heartbeat.

- If you have not taken CPR training and someone in your family has heart disease, then training should be taken immediately.

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