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How to prevent kidney stone naturally and its precautions

How to prevent kidney stones naturally and its precautions in daily life. A stone or stone is found in the kidney only when there is severe pain. The question is whether a stone can be prevented from forming in the kidney. And what to do if the stone is already formed?

How to prevent kidney stone naturally and its precautions in daily life
prevent from kidney stone

How to prevent kidney stones naturally. The stone problem is increasing due to our current lifestyle. In 5 to 10 percent of people, stones are formed at some time during their lifetime. 

It is common to form stones in the kidney. In most of the cases, these stones automatically get out of the body through urine. 

But in cases where stones are trapped in the ureter (the tube connecting the kidney to the bladder), they increase the difficulty.
If not treated properly, it can cause infection.

Working of kidney in our body:--

How to prevent kidney stones naturally. The kidney works by filtering blood. In this process, it also keeps filtering the excess amount of acids and minerals. 

But sometimes due to various reasons, these minerals form a group and take concrete shape in a few months.

They form certain types of salt stones in the kidney. If a stone is formed, it is normal, but if it remains in the kidney or is stuck somewhere between the ureter from the kidney, then it causes pain.

Symptoms of having kidney stone problem:--

Kidney stone patients usually get to know this when they start to have pain. This pain is caused by the kidney of the stone sliding into the ureter. 

As the stone progresses down the ureter, the pain also increases. The pain lasts until the stone falls into the urinary bladder.

The pain starts from one side of the spine in the lower back and then comes to the stomach. As the stone slides down, the pain starts coming down to the inner part of the thigh. 

The pain remains when the stone gets stuck, which keeps happening more and more. This process of reaching the urinary bladder can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. 

This pain is called renal colic. After arriving at Blader, Stone is often out via Urine.

Does stone dissolve with lemonade?

Kidney stone solids can range in size from small sand pebbles to a small stone. These are mainly of three types. The first type is calcium oxalate. Its cases are the highest. 

They are of small and tough pebbles and give the most pain, but also get out on their own. There are other types of calcium phosphate. Their size can also be quite large. 

The third type of stone is uric acid. They are usually low and occur only in uric acid-producing diseases such as gout/arthritis. 

Generally, no stone is required in small stones up to 7 mm. Only drinking more water, especially drinking regular lemon water for some time and eating sour fruits, also removes. 

Water should also be drunk enough to contain at least two liters of urine in 24 hours. But this requires treatment if a large stone is trapped.

How to prevent kidney stone naturally and its precautions in daily life

What happens in a treatment?

Those trapped in the stone ureter have some medicines to remove. These drugs make the ureter muscle relaxed and enlarge the tube. 

But it is given only to remove small stones stuck in the ureter. Remember that no medicine does dissolve stones, as is believed. If the stones are very large and cannot even overcome the drugs, then the laser method is often used to remove them. 

This gives the stone a fine break. This method of non-aberration is called ESW L.

Surgery is required if the stone is stuck in the ureter or there is a large stone in the kidney or bladder.

There is another treatment this, in which the stones stuck in the ureter can be removed from the ureteroscope with the camera without making an incision.

Why are the stones made?

There can be many reasons for the formation of stones in the kidney. This can happen due to genetic factors as well as kidney structure. 

But the main reason for this is the lack of water in the body. Those who drink less water, there is a possibility of this.

Apart from this, protein powders and calcium supplements are taken for bodybuilding also increase its fears.

Yes, any amount of calcium or protein you can take naturally. Those who drink excessively cold drinks also suspect this. Stones are also formed in gout, Crohn's disease, etc. 

Men have more stones than women. Stones can also form in children, but fewer than in adults. If someone is made a stone once, then there is a possibility of it.

How to prevent kidney stone naturally and its precautions in daily life
prevent kidney stone

What needs to be avoided?

How to prevent kidney stones naturally and its precautions in daily lifeKidney stone has the most misconceptions about food and drink. People who have had stone often start avoiding milk and vitamin D diet. But don't. 

Yes, if for some time the doctors talk about control over some food and drink, then it is okay to follow their advice. Food should be balanced like ordinary people.

Do not eat urad dal or cashew nut regularly or too much, but there is no problem in taking it occasionally. Cold drinks and protein-calcium supplements should always be avoided. 

There is also a big misconception that drinking beer removes stones, while the truth is that oxalate in beer can make stones.

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