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Important precautions for first time pregnancy

Important precautions for first-time pregnancy. Whenever there is a slight fever or body ache, people use paracetamol. It also proves to be very effective in this problem. But if a pregnant woman eats it. So it can also prove to be quite dangerous for pregnant womenSo, In this, we will provide some of the important precautions for the first time, pregnant women.

Important precautions for first time pregnancy
pregnant women

Recent research has revealed that women who take paracetamol during pregnancy can severely damage their child's fertility. Consumption of alcohol during this period is very dangerous. Avoid it completely.

Bathing with warm water:--

If you need warm Relax is felt by bathing with water. So stop a bit because it is not good for your child. 

However, there is nothing to fear in bathing with hot water. But it is possible that the body temperature reaches 101 degrees.

 This may cause your blood pressure to fall. When this happens, your child may lack essential nutrients and oxygen. 

The Organization of Teratology Information Service suggests that pregnant women should try to keep their body temperature below 101 degrees.


Important precautions for first time pregnancy
pregnant girl

Also, stay away from harmful odors:--

The smell of many things can harm your child. Since preparations for Deepawali are going on these days, if you are going to paint the walls of the house yourself then stop because it affects you badly.

If there is painting in any part of the house, then stay away from that place. Some substances emitted from paint are harmful to pregnant women. Avoid inhaling them.

Excess intake of fruit juice:--

Fruit juice for pregnant women. Not good because it contains too much sugar. It is better to eat juice than juice because it contains more sugar and less fiber. 

This increases the level of blood sugar. Consuming high amounts of fruit juice can cause gestational diabetes. 

Sleeping on the back:--

During pregnancy, the best position to sleep is to sleep on the left side. Keep in mind that avoid sleeping on your back. When the pregnant woman lies on her back, the weight of the uterus falls on other organs. This can also cause blood circulation.

Say no to alcohol:--

Although it is less prevalent in the world that women consume alcohol, yet many women in the midst of changing culture and lifestyle. She has started consuming alcohol. 

It is a warning for such women that they should consume alcohol in any case during pregnancy. 

If you consume even a little alcohol during this time, it will directly affect the formation of your child. 

This can affect the child's nervous system, as well as cause many other problems. 

Recent research has revealed that while consuming alcohol during pregnancy upsets the mental balance of a pregnant woman, the internal balance of her body also becomes abnormal. 

So, during pregnancy, it is complete with alcohol. Stop it like that.

What medicines do:--

Medicines such as paracetamol and ibuphenes interfere with the secretion of the hormone prostaglandin E2. 

It plays an important role in the development of the hormone system of hormones. 

According to Professor Richard Sharp of the University of Edinburgh, this research explains the potential dangers of taking paracetamol ibuphene. 

However, we are not aware of its effect on how and to what extent it affects human health or how much of it affects fertility.


      This is the problem:--

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, kept the human ovaries in contact with paracetamol in the laboratory for a week and found that about 40 per cent of the ovaries died.

The Daily Mailne quoted researchers as saying that if this effect is on the uterus, it means that the eggs will usually be less in girls exposed to this drug.

This will allow them only a few years to conceive and early menopause may occur.

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