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Make your bones and joints stronger by natural vitamins

Make your bones and joints stronger by natural vitamins. Healthy bones and joints make your lifestyle healthyCalcium is not just needed for strengthening. Yes, there is a lot more than this, like vitaminsmagnesium,  vitamins, etc. which you can include in your daily food so that you can improve your strength of bones and joints naturally.

Make your bones and joints stronger by natural vitamins
stronger bones

Calcium deficiency and poor lifestyle cause many problems in people. Problems related to bones are also one of these. In such a situation, the risk of 'osteoporosis' which makes bones hollow is increasing. 

Low intake of a healthy diet, junk food, distance from exercise and sunbathing are also causing calcium deficiency among the youth. It is gradually associated with osteoporosis.

Leads to But do you know that calcium is not needed just to make bones strong

Yes, calcium is the main ingredient to make your bones strong, but with this, you need many more minerals to improve your health and strengthen bones

So, today we tell you about such a diet, which will give you a healthy body and strong bones!

You have to eat these to make your bones strong-

We all know that calcium is most important for bones. Actually, calcium is one such element. 

Which is the highest amount in the human body? Our teeth, bones, and nails are made of calcium. Most of the calcium is stored in bones

This is the reason that it is said that calcium should be taken in sufficient quantity for strong bones.

Make your bones and joints stronger
healthy food

Eat everything that the body gets vitamin D--

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for our body. But the sad part is that most people in India are struggling with vitamin D deficiency. 

Lack of vitamin D weakens bones. You can take vitamin D directly from the sun rays. Along with this, you can remove vitamin D deficiency by including foods rich in vitamin D in your food. Keep in mind that you must have a diet rich in vitamins. 

It is very important for a healthy life, a healthy body and strong bones.

Sources of Calcium:-

For calcium, you can consume milk and milk products. Along with this, green leafy vegetables help you to give both calcium and iron. 

If you eat non-veg, then fish is also a good option for you. Whole grains, bananas, sardines, salmon, almonds, bread, tofu, and cheese are good sources of calcium. 

You can get calcium by including them in the daily diet.

Sources of Vitamin D-

You can include fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, Selmon, egg white, soy milk, dairy products such as milk, yogurt, mushrooms, cereal, cheese, orange juice, coca for vitamin D.

Must include protein in the diet-

You may think that protein works in the production of muscles, but it is also important for your bones. Actually protein. Along with strengthening the bones, bones also increase. Therefore, include protein-rich items in the food.

Sources of protein--

If you do not consume enough protein then it has a direct effect on your health. Protein is found in both plants and animals. Animal flakes tuna, chicken, fish contain high protein. 

On the other hand, the major plant accounts of protein include nuts, seeds, potatoes, whole grains, and legumes.

Take milk or milk products for potassium:

To maintain better bone health, you must ensure that you consume a sufficient amount of potassium. Banana is a good source of potassium. 

For potassium, you should include root in your diet.

Magnesium for strength:

Magnesium is also an essential element for strengthening bones. Magnesium makes your bones and joints strong.

Sources of Magnesium:

 For magnesium, you can include green leafy vegetables. Spinach is a good source of magnesium. Apart from this, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes can also be included in the diet.

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