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7 precaution of breast cancer

Precautions for breast cancer. It is generally believed that breast cancer occurs after the age of fifty years. But due to poor lifestyle and changing lifestyles, nowadays breast cancer is started even at the age of thirty. To avoid this serious disease, avoid these seven mistakes.

7 precautions for breast cancer
precautions for breast cancer

1. Weight gain--

Increased obesity in women causes breast cancer. Especially after menopause, the risk of breast cancer in women increases significantly. 

This happens because more hormones in the body come out of the fat tissue. When too much fat starts accumulating on the body, estrogen levels are low and the risk of cancer increases.

2. Breastfeeding--

Most women believe that breast-feeding worsens their figure. So they avoid it. Such women are at higher risk of breast cancer. 

In fact, Hormones remains in the balance due to breast-feeding, while the balance of hormones in women who do not breast-feed and the risk of breast cancer increases.

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3. Do not take three healthy diets:-

Women who do not take care of their diet have a higher risk of breast tumors. More sweet, sugar-rich food including ketchup, sports drinks, chocolate milk help to increase breast cancer cells.

Similarly, the fat breast in processed food can be the cause of breast cancer. Fast foods such as burgers, french fries, chips, red meat breast increase the risk of cancer.

7 precautions for breast cancer

4. Taking contraceptive drugs-

If you eat contraceptive medicines for a long time, it also increases the risk of breast cancer by 50 percent

These drugs have high amounts of estrogen, which increases the risk of breast cancer if it becomes excessive in the body. 

Not only this, birth control injections and other methods also increase the risk of breast cancer. So avoid prolonged use of them.

5. Plastic containers-

Drinking water in plastic bottles or eating food in utensils made from it at home, during travel or in meetings increases the risk of breast cancer. 

Actually, plastic containers contain chemicals like endocrine-disrupting chemicals that damage the hormonal system of the body.

7 precautions for breast cancer
breast cancer precautions


 6. Not Doing Workout Regularly

Precautions for breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer increases manifolds among women who avoid exercising. After menopause, it is very important for women to exercise. 

If you do not like heavy exercise, then you can go for half an hour daily. 

If you want, you can also maintain your fitness by choosing options like gardening or swimming. It also helps in reducing belly and waist fat.

7. Alcohol Abuse-

 According to the report of the World Health Organization, drinking, smoking increases the risk of breast cancer by 8%. Alcohol increases women's sex hormone levels

According to a Journal of the American Medical Association report, alcohol increases breast tumor growth.


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