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How to stay happy in life some effective points

What is happiness?

Every act of our life is associated with the desire to find happiness and stay happy. We do thousands of things to find happiness in life, yet we do not know where the key to the treasure of happiness is?

How to find happiness in life some effective points
how to find happiness in life

There is no equation to find happiness in life, but there are measures to be happy. Where there is so much stress and pressure around, you have to make many efforts to find happiness. 

Because the goal of our every action is to achieve happiness in life at the end. 

Every human keeps running for this. But it is not known that running will not bring happiness. To be happy, you have to make a habit of living a comfortable life. 

One has to be free from the race and discover its limits and limitations. See what needs to be done to be happy.

To stay happy organize your life:-

Instead of thinking about what went well / bad in life in the past and what your plans are for the future, you organize your today. Organize your everyday life. Exercise every day for a healthy and happy life

Have breakfast and food on time. Get enough sleep and spend a better time with family. Because tomorrow will never come and today will be spent like this tomorrow. So organize your today.

Know your limits:--

What can you do and what not? Nobody can know this better than you. In this era, something comes to you every day and its advertisements are in such a way that it seems necessary for you, 

but just before buying it, just think, do you really need this stuff? Whatever be the race of materiality, happiness takes away from your life.

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Live in today:-

We either live in the past or in the future. Either chew the memories or fly in the sky of dreams, if something remains, it is the present.
In both cases, we ignore the present and then find a way to happiness. 

Whereas happiness is neither in the past nor in the future. In different researches and many experts have concluded that people who live in the present are more successful and happier than they are in the past-future.

How to be happy in life
beautiful life experience

Choose Your Way to stay happy:-

To follow others or act on their gestures means to become remote. Those who live at the behest of others, they always dance at his behest. 

Their happiness is always in the hands of others. If happiness is in the hands of others, then you will not be able to enjoy your happiness.

Avoiding jealousy-competition to stay happy:-

To be jealous of someone means to destroy your happiness. You are never able to enjoy your achievements, your life, always keep getting angry with the happiness and achievements of others. So avoid it, to stay happy in life.

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Do not be in a hurry to conclude:-

It happens to most of us that if we meet someone, we immediately form an opinion about it. Immediately reach a conclusion. Then when the conclusion turns out to be wrong, it hurts. 

Therefore it is better not to rush to conclusions in any case. In the same way, curb your tendency to be influenced by someone.

Take time for yourself:-

We must first decide whether our work is for our life or that it is work for life. If there is work for life then take time for your life too. 

By working like a bull of crusher in the race for materiality, you are neither able to focus on yourself nor on your family. 

Continuous working also causes health damage and all physical problems start to arise. In such a situation, half of your happiness in life is destroyed. 

Therefore it is important to maintain a balance between work and life. Take time out for yourself and spend a good time with the family.

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